Monday, April 13, 2015

Skybox Panel Sample 3

A sampling of panels (sans the dialogue) from the most recent update to The Skybox.

Golan the Insatiable Background

One of the backgrounds I drew and painted for season 1 of Fox ADHD's 'Golan the Insatiable.' From the sixth episode, showing the inside of the elementary school classroom.

Axe Cop Background

One of the backgrounds that I painted and drew for season 1 of FOX ADHD's 'Axe Cop': some of the woods in Thanksgiving Planet.

Skybox Panel Sample 2

Another series of panels from this Skybox update, of when Phoebus and Shanti first meet.

Crocodile Rock

Another favorite early-morning sketch and the finished color version:

Breakfast of Pi

These are always fun for me to do...completed painting, and the early-morning sketch it was based on.

Smoke on the Water

Another fun painting based off of an early-morning sketch.

Mountain Man

Another finished version of an early-morning sketch, and then the original:

Skybox panel sample

A little sampling of panels from this update for The Skybox.

Skybox thumbnails

Bit of a teaser here...a sample of some of the storyboard thumbnails I do for The Skybox. These are for some scenes that will come out in the future!

Ten Coins Next Level

Another sample of a completed painting, and the early-morning original sketch:

Barreleye mermaid

Just a random idea...a deep-sea mermaid based off of the barreleye fish.

Scarf girl

A watercolor sketch done from a life drawing session.

Pirate sketches

Some sketches done from a life drawing session.

Disneyland watercolors

A couple of watercolor paintings of Disneyland locations

Disneyland life drawings

Some life drawing sketches done at Disneyland

Gerenuk quick painting

A little something extra done after a recent zoo visit.

Zoo sketches

Life drawings done at the Los Angeles zoo.

Time travel fruit

Another early-morning sketch turned into a completed painting, with the finished and then the original:

The Stilted Cliffs

One of many early-morning sketches that I went ahead and finished up. Here's the finished one, and the original sketch:

Ren Faire life drawings

Some life drawings of a joust at the Rein Faire.

The computer room

Older painting done of a character I shared with some good friends.

'Morning Dog' storyboard sample

Small section of an old storyboard, done during school just for fun and practice.

It lives! Restarting this portfolio blog

Hey all! I'm revamping this blog as a portfolio, showcasing some of my most recent art works. This will include personal work, life drawings, weekly samples of my ongoing storyboard webcomic The Skybox, and some samples from my work in animation. My old portfolio website at is still up. However, I feel like it'll be easier for me to post new work at a regular rate to this blog. I've deleted some of the earlier entries since they are so old and I feel like my work has improved.

If you'd like to get in contact with me for anything, please feel free to email me at Check back at this blog later for art updates!